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Published: 09th December 2009
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Kangan Water

Perhaps you're searching for the best Kangan water machine on the market and you are as confused as I was when I first started looking. You'll have a hell of a time sorting through all the information on the Net because everyone claims to have the best Kangan water machine available. There can only be one "BEST" and I am 100% certain that I have found it with Enagic. Interestingly enough, although I was introduced to Enagic and Kangan water by a trusted friend, I still felt the need to do some do-diligence. I chose the Enagic SD501 Kangan water machine after many hours in front of the computer.

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We began drinking Kangan water when I stopped by my friends house one day to say hello. He offered us this "magic water" and said it was called Kangan water from Japan. He said that it can be found in over 200 hospitals in Japan where it is considered a medical device. I downed this glass of Kangan water and thought, "OK, I'm open to this as a healthy possibility"... I walked out of his house with a 5 gallon drum of Kangan water for me and my wife for the next few days. I have never drank that much tap or bottled water, so I thought he was crazy to give me that much for only 3 days. He just laughed and swore it would be easy to polish off the Kangan water and said my body would even begin to crave it.

He was right! As soon as I brought it home my wife and my 3 cats started chugging it down! In the Carey household, Kangan water was a huge success. My cats would sit there staring at the water as if to say "OK...where's the good stuff...don't hold out on us". We Love Kangan water!

Immediately I noticed that my acid reflux went away after drinking the Kangan water. Within 2 days it was gone after 6 years of suffering with it. My doctor recommended I take the purple pill, but I no longer need it.

Kangan water also helped a close family member to eliminate more regularly. As a matter of fact, she wasn't able to have a bowel movement for up to a week sometimes with out taking a laxative. Irregularity is a thing of the past for her after drinking the Kangan water. No more constipation! What a miracle! When a person holds on to the waste, is is very unhealthy. Her skin is glowing and her energy is better than I've seen it in years.

No questions asked, Enagic makes the absolute best Kangan water machine there is on the market. Even if you read it differently on the internet. The Enagic Kangan water machine is worth every penny. There are some companies that will claim to have Kangan water machines that are half the price and twice as good... PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND LOOK INTO ENAGIC BEFORE YOU ARE LIED TO AND BAMBOOZLED BY THE SWINDLERS AND SCAM ARTISTS.

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